Landscape design in multi-level areas

TRIF 24.05.2021

When landscaping a territory, it's crucial to achieve a balance between the visual appeal and convenience of the surrounding space. Sometimes it's not easy to find a suitable solution due to the complexity of the landscape, limited free space, or a non-standard configuration of individual zones. In this case, special modern designs and ergonomic garden furniture come to the rescue.

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TOP 5 modern furniture solutions in landscape design

TRIF 28.04.2021

The urban infrastructure of metropolitan cities continues to transform, becoming more convenient and well-thought-out. Recently, more and more open-air coworking spaces have been emerging; more public gardens, parks, and other outdoor recreation areas are created. Along with this, new unusual furniture solutions come into use in the landscape design of such public areas and private households.

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Trends in the design of landscape furniture for public spaces

TRIF 29.03.2021

Landscape furniture plays an essential role in the arrangement of public space, being one of the main filling elements. Boasting high convenience and functionality, it is designed to make a person's stay in the public place as comfortable as possible. The world of landscape furniture has its own tendencies and trends that change over time. What are they like today?

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TRIF-MEBEL | How to refresh your garden furniture after winter before the summer season

TRIF 01.03.2021

All garden and outdoor furniture requires regular and thorough maintenance, even if it’s made of durable and wear-resistant materials. In particular, the owner of such furniture needs to know how to refresh its appearance at the end of winter, before the first warm days.

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TRIF-MEBEL | The most popular and practical types of wood used to manufacture landscape furniture

TRIF 02.02.2021

For the manufacturing of landscape furniture, TRIF-MEBEL specialists select the types of wood that are both beautiful and practical. The resulting furniture items turn out durable and wear-resistant. Besides, they look great in the landscape and can be installed both in private households and public areas.

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