The improvement of public spaces is an important work aimed at enhancing the quality of the urban environment, creating comfortable living and recreation conditions for every citizen. The arrangement of public spaces has its own trends that are gradually changing, reflecting people's ideas about comfort and convenience. 

Prominent modern trends in the improvement of public spaces

The urban environment is steadily improving, offering citizens and visitors more and more places for quiet rest, walking, or jogging in the out-of-doors. Aesthetically pleasing and well-equipped public spaces appear on the banks of water bodies within the boundaries of cities, in places where factories used to be, in classic well courtyards.

One of the key trends in the arrangement of public spaces is the abundance of trees and shrubs, intensive planting of greenery. In the elements of landscaping (for example, in street furniture), you can trace an abundance of clean lines and geometric shapes. Despite the abundant greenery, public spaces remain well-lit and have plenty of free space.

Amphitheaters and grandstand

Another notable trend is the installation of numerous amphitheaters and grandstands in different parts of the city. These hardscape elements come in handy during holidays and festivities, small performances as part of flash mobs, amateur concerts in the open air, children's parties, etc. This makes them stand out among other urban improvement elements.