The LED furniture by TRIF-MEBEL consists of a stainless steel frame, a solid-wood seat, and LED lights sealed for waterproofness. Using our many-year experience in the manufacture of street lighting, we have developed a unique sealing technology. We produce lighting elements compliant with the IP68 standard of moisture resistance and protected against mechanical impacts (such as airgun shots or being hit with paving stones and bottles). Thus, all the lighting elements boast of anti-vandal properties.

We offer several power connection options for the client to choose from. These include a connection to the electrical network via a 12/24 V (20 W) power supply unit or the use of a hidden self-contained battery. The autonomous power supply option allows for installing our LED furniture at a distance from buildings and moving the items around independently of one another. In addition, you avoid the need to hide the electrical wires. We use low-voltage lighting with the highest energy efficiency. Depending on the type of battery, the LED elements in our furniture can work from 3 to 30 days without recharging.

All types of furniture can be manufactured to custom dimensions.