TRIF-MEBEL was founded in 2014, in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.


About company


TRIF-MEBEL was founded in 2014, in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

We manufacture premium garden and outdoor furniture, as well as furniture for office spaces, hotels, and restaurants. Another area of our focus is manufacturing LED luminaires for outdoor and indoor lighting schemes:

Combining these two areas, we have developed a unique project of outdoor furniture fitted with LED lights. Worth accentuating is the series of anti-vandal street furniture with reinforced frames designed for parks and urban recreational islands.

Our furniture is distinguished by high quality and the stylish and austere design consisting in simple lines and a thought-out choice of materials.

As a result, the products of TRIF-MEBEL fit organically into all types of exterior spaces: from the modern high-tech style to cozy patios and open terraces, where natural wood stands in perfect harmony with the country landscape.

Our advantages:

  • Own production implies quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process;
  • High-quality materials provide for the durability and utility of the products you purchase;
  • Modern material treatment technologies ensure an excellent resistance to environmental impacts. The furniture will not be affected by high humidity that’s characteristic of many climate zones.
  • Manufacture of furniture items to custom dimensions.

The TRIF-MEBEL products are manufactured from environmentally-friendly modern materials.

The frames of our furniture are made of polished stainless steel, which is perfect for outdoor use. Stainless steel withstands the impacts of precipitation, temperature fluctuations, and mechanical damages; it's durable and reliable.

The second component is solid wood: oak, beech, teak, nutwood, larch, birch, and cherry are the options for the client to choose from.

All the wood elements undergo a special treatment to ensure the end product's longevity in the conditions of year-round outdoor use.

In addition, we employ materials such as natural leather, eco-leather, and fabrics.