The TRIF PATIO series comprises furniture for covered verandas and terraces. It's designed to be used outdoors, albeit under a canopy.

The all-metal stainless steel structure makes our sofas, chairs, and tables suitable for use in high-humidity conditions.

A canopy shields the furniture from the direct adverse effects of precipitation on the wooden frame. This allows for experimenting with the design of the seat and back: fitting the slats to each other, changing their shape and the direction of laying. In addition, in comparison with the Outdoor series, the terrace furniture line-up has an extended range of wood species: oak, teak, larch, walnut, and birch.

All the variants of our terrace furniture are an ideal option not only for private houses, but also for the summer terraces of restaurants, hotels, and country clubs.

All types of terrace furniture can be manufactured to custom dimensions.