A joint development of TRIF and RTECHNICS GROUP - transparent gutters with lighting for private h...

TRIF 02.05.2023

When the need arises to improve the area around a country house, the Russian manufacturer of garden furniture and landscape lights TRIF often collaborates with experts in the field of roof drainage - RTECHNICS GROUP. The company is best known as the developer of the innovative RAIN ABSORBER roof drainage system, designed primarily for half-timbered houses.

водостоки мебель  8.jpg

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Charge makes the electric charging device available for everybody

TRIF 13.12.2022

The ability to charge a smartphone, laptop or electric scooter significantly increases the attractiveness of any public space. For this purpose, we have developed Charge street charging stations.

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CHARGE G —modern design and natural beauty

TRIF 28.11.2022

To create a truly comfortable outdoor recreation area, you need not only to create a beautiful landscape and place all the necessary garden furniture, but also to provide the possibility of using electrical appliances. TRIF's new CHARGE G vandal-resistant charging station is an ideal solution.

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Designing furniture for a country bathhouse. The design near St. Petersburg

TRIF 05.10.2022

We present you a new project of the Russian company TRIF-MEBEL. In this project it was necessary to design all the furniture for the private bathhouse arrangement. The bathhouse is a log cabin made of pine located on a spacious plot in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. 

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Office table VILLA slim — TRIF novelty for ergonomic workstations

TRIF 17.06.2022

Furniture manufacturer TRIF is pleased to announce the addition of the VILLA slim office table to its range. This model from the new range featuring a delicate sheet metal base is the perfect solution for cases where you want to combine beauty with practicality.

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