TRIF-MEBEL | Winter maintenance of stainless steel and wood

TRIF 21.01.2021

TRIF-MEBEL is known for manufacturing the highest-quality outdoor furniture intended for both private households and residential complexes, parks, public gardens, and other public recreation areas. To manufacture the furniture, the TRIF-MEBEL craftsmen employ AISI 304 stainless steel and natural wood of various species (oak, teak, birch, etc.). Finished furniture items are both beautiful and reliable, but require proper care in winter.

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Modern playgrounds on the territories of the residential and premium class residential complex

TRIF 11.01.2021

In the previous article, we explained the general modern trends in the arrangement of adjacent territories at modern residential complexes. Today we will take a closer look at the recent changes in the design of children's play areas. In the past, a courtyard of a residential complex would feature only standard playgrounds with metal structures that rarely were particularly convenient. Today, they are succeeded by multifunctional spaces designed not only for children's games but also for adults and their kids to have a fun time together.

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Inner grounds of modern residential complexes

TRIF 28.12.2020

Like any other sphere, the construction of modern residential complexes has distinctive trends that inevitably change over time. In particular, this applies to the concepts of inner grounds of residential complexes and the amenities in their courtyards.

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Collaboration as a current trend in modern landscape design

TRIF 09.12.2020

TRIF-MEBEL offers a unique, highest-quality garden and park furniture that constitutes is an important element of landscape design. As in any other area, the production and design of such furniture has tendencies and trends – they are being actively progressed, developed, and updated. One of the prevailing trends is the collaboration of landscape designers with manufacturers of outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures for outdoor installations.

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Modern workspace and 2020 trends: home office, coworking spaces, and outdoor terraces

TRIF 30.11.2020

The events of 2020 have forced a fresh look at remote work. However, the trend towards the introduction of a mobile office is not new. As of today, more and more professions allow for remote work. This shapes the reality, to which businesses and employees adapt.

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