Solutions for Comfortable Urban Environment projects

TRIF 08.07.2020

TRIF-MEBEL boasts of many years of experience in the sphere of furniture production. In addition to our own production line, we also have a design office focused on unique design projects.

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PUBLIC – New Series Of Streetscape Structures

TRIF 02.06.2020

The Russian company TRIF-MEBEL develops and produces furniture and streetscape elements for arranging public conveniences in courtyards, city squares, station areas, etc.

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Park furniture manufactured for specific projects

TRIF 10.03.2020

More and more attention is given to urban public amenities and their improvement. Simultaneously, the requirements for the quality of outdoor furniture are becoming stricter.

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Solid Wood Office Furniture From TRIF-MEBEL

TRIF 10.02.2020

The solid wood office furniture can be manufactured according to a custom project, taking into account the customer's personal wishes and the necessary dimensions.

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TRIF-MEBEL | Manufacture Of Outdoor Furniture From Thermal Wood

TRIF 10.12.2019

TRIF-MEBEL employs a plethora of out-of-the-box design solutions in order to achieve the best performance characteristics of the manufactured products. One of our innovations is the use of thermal wood in furniture production.

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