The Russian manufacturer TRIF-MEBEL supplies outdoor furniture for city streets, parks and squares.

As part of another project, we have selected a furniture set for the restaurant site of the Olive Trees’ Museum, which is planned to be created in Greece. The restaurant will be located on the territory of a museum designed to showcase unique olive trees several hundred years old. For this project, which combines an amphitheater, a restaurant and a museum, we have selected not only furniture, but also LED lamps from the TRIF-LIGHTS range.

It was decided to use models from the OFFICE series as dining tables on the open-air restaurant site. These tables are positioned as furniture for negotiations. But due to their robust construction, they can also be used outdoors. The  tables’ appearance is perfectly combined with the design of the entire museum and entertainment complex.

The OFFICE desk is designed for comfortable accommodation of up to 10 people. Its countertop is made of natural solid wood (oak / teak/ larch / walnut/ beech). The reliable and durable base, as well as the table legs, are made of stainless steel.

Dining chairs from the OUTDOOR series were selected as a set for the tables. OUTDOOR models are designed for year-round outdoor use, all items in this series are resistant to precipitation.

If you need reliable outdoor furniture of modern design, leave a request, and we will produce concise and comfortable stainless steel and solid wood products that will delight you for many years.

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