VILLA slim universal table: a new model in the TRIF furniture lineup

TRIF 18.01.2022

The furniture subdivision of TRIF strives to offer its customers the widest possible selection of stylish and high-quality interior items that could solve any design task. The lineup is regularly complemented with new interesting products. The most recent addition is the VILLA slim universal table.

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New finished project for a country house in Leningrad Oblast

TRIF 03.12.2021

We have manufactured a custom dining group consisting of a dining table and eight chairs. The set of furniture is installed on the outdoor terrace for receiving guests and enjoying dinners in the open air.

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Environmental Safety: Production and Materials

TRIF 19.10.2021

Any production, including the manufacture of furniture, must meet all environmental safety requirements. This applies to both the production process and the materials used. These requirements are covered in the legislation. 

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Walkways and Gangways in the Design of Private Ponds

TRIF 21.09.2021

TRIF-MEBEL has brought to life another project: a steel gangway for a bath on a private territory situated in Leningrad Oblast. Fitted with spectacular LED lighting, it leads to a small pond.

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Eco Style in Landscape Design and Outdoor Furniture Production

TRIF 18.08.2021

The main distinctive feature of Eco Style is the use of environmentally friendly materials and recycled materials in landscape design projects and in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. The concept of the style is based on caring about nature. An emphasis is placed on preserving and enhancing natural resources and rejecting everything that can harm living beings.

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