Regular and backless benches, hardscape structures, and sofas by TRIF-MEBEL are not just stainless steel frames with seats made of solid wood of elite species. They're also products of a unique lighting technology that allows for creating both futuristic-looking and comfy urban spaces. For this purpose, TRIF has developed a lineup of urban furniture with LED lights.

Features of TRIF-MEBEL urban furniture

Urban amenities by TRIF-MEBEL boast different shapes and spectacular LED lighting that can also come in RGB. All furniture items are made to order; many parameters of each model are customizable.

The advantage of a stand-alone power supply is the lack of unnecessary wires. Moreover, you don't have to place the furniture items near houses and other sources of a centralized power supply. Depending on the built-in battery and the lighting wattage, the LEDs will retain their brightness for 3-30 days.

Speaking about the advantages of TRIF-MEBEL furniture, it is worth highlighting the following key features.

  • High impact resistance; wear resistance.
  • IP69K moisture and dust resistance for all luminous elements. The LEDs remain operational in any season and weather.
  • Vandal-proof luminaire body.

The LED elements are reliably protected from moisture, dust, and condensation. They remain fully functional during full or partial immersion in water or even under ice. The operating temperature range is from -50° C to +50° C.

In the TRIF-MEBEL catalog, you'll find a broad range of stylish solutions for the improvement of urban spaces. Several series are presented here, namely:

  • PARK;
  • ALLEY;
  • CITY;

Each of them boasts a unique style. The catalog contains both classic benches with austere, minimalist lines, as well as double chairs, rounded stands, and much more.