TRIF, a Russian furniture manufacturer, regularly expands its assortment to offer even more stylish and ergonomic interior items corresponding to advanced design ideas. During the last update, the product range was broadened with an original line of VILLA slim furniture, which included a universal bench.

The key features of the model are elegance, visually lightweight construction and a simple clean. These qualities, which are indicated by the special designation of the series, are the result of the use of a sheet metal frame made of the AISI 316 stainless steel.

The all-welded stable base is combined with a seat made of natural solid wood treated with protective impregnation. The timber species for the VILLA slim bench can be selected from a wide range, which includes oak, teak, walnut, beech, cherry, birch, larch, and pine. it is easy to select the best option from such a variety for any room, ranging from the office to the dining room of a private residence.

Along with their elegant aspect, the materials of the VILLA slim benches ensure durability, environmental friendliness and easy care. The model is optimally suitable for the interior in a modern minimalist style. It is perfectly combined with tables of the same series: office desks, universal and dining tables.

The standard bench VILLA slim is designed for 3-4 people. The exact dimensions, as well as the tone of impregnation and other design features are determined on the individual basis.