For verandas and terraces of restaurants, hotels and other après-ski facilities, TRIF-MEBEL offers OUTDOOR furniture series. It is specially designed for permanent outdoor use, including temperatures below zero.

Features of the series:

OUTDOOR line includes all the most demanded items for food courts and leisure facilities:

OUTDOOR furniture combines stylish design, high strength, and durability even when used in extreme weather conditions, typical for ski resorts. It easily withstands high humidity, snowfall, thaw, and frost.
The impressive qualities of the OUTDOOR model are due to its unique combination of original design and reliable materials. The furniture frame is made entirely of stainless steel. It is complemented by wooden laths of particularly moisture-resistant species such as oak, teak, larch, walnut, and birch.
The natural ability of such wood to withstand the aggressive environmental effects is enhanced by treating it with protective impregnations. Placing the laths at gaps allowing the wood to dry as quickly as possible completes the formation of OUTDOOR furniture resistance to moisture.

Maintenance rules

In order to maintain a perfect look and long lifetime of TRIF OUTDOOR models in winter, a simple but regular maintenance is needed. Metal parts should be cleaned of snow, ice and dirt, using soft brushes or a rag and warm water.
Wooden elements of outdoor furniture should either be covered for the winter with film or agrofoil, or thoroughly cleaned after every snowfall. To prevent the occurrence of fungi, it is recommended to treat wood with antiseptic before the winter season.
TRIF-MEBEL manufactures OUTDOOR furniture to order. This implies the choice of exact sizes, wood species, and finishing. Additionally the models can be equipped with LED backlighting, which corresponds to moisture resistance class IP69K.