The furniture subdivision of TRIF strives to offer its customers the widest possible selection of stylish and high-quality interior items that could solve any design task. The lineup is regularly complemented with new interesting products. The most recent addition is the VILLA slim universal table.

This piece of furniture appears elegant and lightweight, and its name reflects these key features of its design. The frame is composed of AISI 316 stainless steel and natural wood. The legs of the table are made of sheet metal, which prevents the structure from appearing bulky. The metal is easy to maintain and care for.

The universal table VILLA slim will look great in a modern minimalist interior. You can complement it with benches from the VILLA slim model range or dining chairs from the OUTDOOR or PATIO lineups.

 We can customize the size of the tabletop of the universal table VILLA slim. The product's dimensions and design features are based on the customer's wishes. The tabletop can be manufactured from oak, teak, larch, and other premium wood species that differ in texture and performance.