Any production, including the manufacture of furniture, must meet all environmental safety requirements. This applies to both the production process and the materials used. These requirements are covered in the legislation. 

A few words about the regulatory framework

The legislation of the Russian Federation contains several legal acts concerning the issues of environmental safety of production. A striking example is the law N 89-FZ, which enshrines the guidelines for industrial waste management. Violations of the law entail administrative responsibility; the possible sanctions are spelled out in the relevant code.

Importance of compliance

Compliance with legal norms on environmental safety is of great importance both for the environment and the health of citizens. Reducing the pollution intensity and the volume of harmful emissions, maintaining favorable conditions for the life and work of people – these are the goals that any modern business should pursue.

Environmentally friendly materials

Nowadays, a total of 23 criteria are used to assess the environmental friendliness of production materials. These include the absence of toxic substances, the possibility of recycling, durability, resistance to destruction, etc. Our furniture production employs wood and metal, which allows us to manufacture environmentally pristine products that meet quality standards.