TRIF-MEBEL has brought to life another project: a steel gangway for a bath on a private territory situated in Leningrad Oblast. Fitted with spectacular LED lighting, it leads to a small pond.

Our TRIF-LIGHTS division was responsible for the luminous elements of the gangway. The project employed TRIF LANE luminaires with the maximum degree of moisture protection – IP69K. They look amazing and create beautiful highlights on the water, instilling a special atmosphere near the pond.

Creating luminous gangways and walkways is a particularly interesting focus of our company. Such structures will perfectly complement a landscape that includes a decorative pond or swimming pool. Luminous gangways and walkways shine in all their glory in the evening and at night. They give an inimitable character to the whole territory and emphasize the uniqueness of its design. The structures and lighting fixtures can have different modifications: the customer can choose whichever suits their preferences, coordinating the decision with the company manager. For example, the luminous elements can highlight the railings or the bottom perimeter of the walkway; you can choose any glow color – from white to R/G/B. Every element is made according to the custom project.

AISI 316 stainless steel, Plexiglas, and natural wood are used to manufacture this product. All structural elements can be painted according to the customer's wishes. Importantly, the materials for the walkways and gangways are environmentally friendly. TRIF-MEBEL craftsmen use them to produce breathtaking masterpieces for the decoration of artificial ponds in personal plots.