The main distinctive feature of Eco Style is the use of environmentally friendly materials and recycled materials in landscape design projects and in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. The concept of the style is based on caring about nature. An emphasis is placed on preserving and enhancing natural resources and rejecting everything that can harm living beings.

About materials

Of course, the backbone of Eco Style is materials of natural origin. Natural wood occupies the most prominent place. Improving its aesthetic properties and resistance to external impacts may require impregnating it with oil squeezed from flaxseed (another material that Eco Style favors).

Other noteworthy materials include:

  • Stone: granite, marble, basalt, pieces of sandstone. Along with solid stones, Eco Style may employ stone chips.
  • Metal. Manufacturing durable and wear-resistant outdoor furniture would be simply impossible without metal;
  • Gypsum. Suitable for creating beautiful decorative pieces used to embellish the site;
  • Recycled plastic.

What distinguishes the ideal Eco Style material?

The main properties of such a material are: no toxic substances in its composition, recyclability, insignificant radioactivity. Importantly, the material should be produced using a technology that does not imply serious harm to the environment.