TRIF-MEBEL | Wooden Terrace Furniture Sets

TRIF 25.07.2018

TRIF-MEBEL offers you the opportunity to order a set of wooden terrace furniture made to custom dimensions. We manufacture and sell products compliant with the premium standard of quality. Based on an all-welded stainless steel frame, our furniture is durable, reliable, and comfortable. It's practical and suitable for under-the-canopy outdoor use. It requires no special care and is treated against moisture and pests.


набор террасной мебели

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Our project in the lens of the world-famous photographer Pygmalion Karatzas

TRIF 20.07.2018

One of TRIF's finished projects has sparked the attention of the world-famous photographer Pygmalion Karatzas. What got caught in the lens of this recognized maitre of architectural photography was our Greek work: a villa at the popular Greek resort of Porto Heli.


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TRIF-MEBEL | Metal-And-Wood Park And Garden Furniture From A Russian Manufacturer

TRIF 17.07.2018

TRIF-MEBEL offers made-to-order garden furniture manufactured from metal and wood. We develop and produce premium products by our own, unique design. Our furniture is high-quality, comfortable and durable, featuring a reinforced stainless steel frame and a base made from natural wood.

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TRIF-MEBEL | Completed Project: Eco-Style Office Reception Desk

TRIF 15.06.2018

In a way, the reception desk is the face of a company. It's the first thing you see when you enter the premises.

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TRIF-MEBEL Ship Furniture: Safety, Durability, And Custom Solutions!

TRIF 07.06.2018

Ship furniture is the furniture designed for the decks of cruise ferries, ships, and liners.

Our company's specialization is manufacturing outdoor furniture – that is, furniture suitable for continuous use in the open air and capable of enduring the impacts of precipitation and acute temperature fluctuations. We test our sample furniture items under the scorching sun, under heavy rains, and even in winter when temperatures drop below 30 degrees Celsius and the furniture is covered with snow and glaze ice. We pay due attention to the processing and treatment of wood, which massively extends the product's service life, ruling out any darkening and rotting.

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