TRIF-MEBEL offers you the opportunity to order a set of wooden terrace furniture made to custom dimensions. We manufacture and sell products compliant with the premium standard of quality. Based on an all-welded stainless steel frame, our furniture is durable, reliable, and comfortable. It's practical and suitable for under-the-canopy outdoor use. It requires no special care and is treated against moisture and pests.

Peculiar Features Of Wooden Terrace Furniture Sets

The furniture for terraces, verandas, and other roofed outdoor areas comes with a rigid metal frame and a base made of natural solid wood: birch, larch, oak, walnut or teak, at the customer's discretion. The wooden elements are thoroughly treated and impregnated with oils, which ensures the wooden seats and backs will not get deformed under heavy loads and will boast of high resistance to mechanical damage.

Made-To-Order Furniture In St. Petersburg

At TRIF-MEBEL, you can place an order for terrace furniture sets comprising sofas, armchairs, benches, tables, and chairs of all sizes, made from different wood species. According to the client's preferences, we can fit the furniture set or just some of the furniture items with hidden LED lights. This will make the furniture both more stunning in terms of appearance and more comfortable for use in the evening and at night.

If you're looking for where to buy truly high-quality, exclusive, and stylish furniture, call us at +7 (800) 777-5949.

набор террасной мебели


террасная мебель


набор террасной мебели из дерева