TRIF-MEBEL | Manufacture Of Metal-And-Wood Garden Furniture In St. Petersburg

TRIF 03.10.2018

TRIF-MEBEL produces wood-and-metal garden furniture for city streets, outdoor recreational zones, private houses and premises. We create premium-level products using only environmentally friendly materials: natural wood, stainless steel, leather. Our company has been engaged in the manufacture of garden furniture from metal and natural wood for more than 4 years. As a result, we have attained the perfect balance of price, quality, convenience, and appearance.

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Wood-And-Metal Garden Furniture For Our Customer In Greece

TRIF 24.09.2018

TRIF-MEBEL has finished another project that involved space planning for a villa in Greece. We designed and manufactured wood-and-metal garden furniture: armchairs, sofas, dining tables, chairs, and coffee tables.

Мебель для патио

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Made-To-Order Solid-Wood Furniture

TRIF 22.08.2018

TRIF-MEBEL offers you the opportunity to order premium furniture manufactured to custom dimensions from environmentally pristine pine, oak, walnut, beech, and birch wood.


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TRIF-MEBEL | Wooden Terrace Furniture Sets

TRIF 25.07.2018

TRIF-MEBEL offers you the opportunity to order a set of wooden terrace furniture made to custom dimensions. We manufacture and sell products compliant with the premium standard of quality. Based on an all-welded stainless steel frame, our furniture is durable, reliable, and comfortable. It's practical and suitable for under-the-canopy outdoor use. It requires no special care and is treated against moisture and pests.


набор террасной мебели

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Our project in the lens of the world-famous photographer Pygmalion Karatzas

TRIF 20.07.2018

One of TRIF's finished projects has sparked the attention of the world-famous photographer Pygmalion Karatzas. What got caught in the lens of this recognized maitre of architectural photography was our Greek work: a villa at the popular Greek resort of Porto Heli.


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