TRIF-MEBEL produces wood-and-metal garden furniture for city streets, outdoor recreational zones, private houses and premises. We create premium-level products using only environmentally friendly materials: natural wood, stainless steel, leather. Our company has been engaged in the manufacture of garden furniture from metal and natural wood for more than 4 years. As a result, we have attained the perfect balance of price, quality, convenience, and appearance.

Our product range

Our company produces wooden garden furniture for city streets, home and hotel interiors, both to standard designs and to order. We are ready to customize the dimensions and other parameters taking into account the client's wishes. The products of TRIF-MEBEL come in several series. Each of them has its own peculiar features and distinctions.

TRIF-MEBEL furniture series:
- street and garden: OUTDOOR;
- interior: VILLA, OFFICE;
- for covered terraces: PATIO;
- vandal-proof: CITY, AVENUE, PARK, ALLEY;
- with LED lights.

A distinctive feature of the OUTDOOR furniture is its suitability for year-round use it in the open air. This line-up easily withstands the impacts of rain, snow, pests, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations. We manufacture our wooden outdoor garden furniture from natural solid wood treated with special preservatives. It's built on the basis of a reinforced metal frame, utilizing a unique seamless joining technology.