TRIF-MEBEL has finished another project that involved space planning for a villa in Greece. We designed and manufactured wood-and-metal garden furniture: armchairs, sofas, dining tables, chairs, and coffee tables.

To produce the garden furniture, our specialists used high-quality stainless steel of the AISI 316 grade. This type of steel contains molybdenum and large amounts of chromium and nickel. Such additions enhance its resistance to adverse environments:

- the metal is not susceptible to rust and corrosion;
- high heat resistance;
- the steel easily withstands both high and low temperatures, as well as their fluctuations.

Using steel of the AISI 316 grade, we created metal garden furniture suitable for year-round use. It withstands all weather conditions, dampness, the salty sea air, and the scorching sun, which makes it ideal for both southern and northern regions.

From natural wood, TRIF-MEBEL manufactures seats, backrests, and countertops. The solid wood is treated with protective oil and subject to thorough processing and polishing. The wooden elements are arranged by a seamless technology. As a result, the furniture does not trap moisture and is quick to dry up after a rain. Our products easily withstand the impacts of pests, humidity, heat, and sunlight, as well as cold weather.

The manufacturing facilities of the TRIF-MEBEL company are located in St. Petersburg. We can produce various series of customized park and garden furniture in a short time, at a price lower than that of similar imported products. To place your order, call us at +7 (800) 777-5949 or send us an e-mail at



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