The events of 2020 have forced a fresh look at remote work. However, the trend towards the introduction of a mobile office is not new. As of today, more and more professions allow for remote work. This shapes the reality, to which businesses and employees adapt. Offices are becoming all-embracing, gradually merging with the urban environment. This is obvious when you think about the emergence of separate public areas – the so-called coworking spaces. Besides, many cafes have long been allocating separate zones to arrange comfortable workspaces.

TRIF-MEBEL keeps up with modern trends and strives to cater to the needs of different social groups. In the company's catalog, you will find everything necessary for furnishing remote workspaces:

All products are manufactured using proven solutions and quality materials. The wood and steel structures undergo a special treatment that protects them against negative environmental factors and ensures a long service life. The TRIF-MEBEL tables, chairs, sofas, and armchairs withstand humidity, dust and polluted air, as well as temperature fluctuations. Additionally, the structures can be vandal-proofed and fitted with waterproof LED backlighting.

If you plan to arrange a workspace at home, TRIF-MEBEL will manufacture stylish chairs, desks, shelving units in styles such as loft, neoclassicism, minimalism, and other concepts. All furniture items are produced according to custom projects, taking into account the general purpose, permissible dimensions, and the customer's wishes regarding the item’s external design.