We manufacture large premium-class dining tables and office desks made from solid wood. Our production technology allows us to deliver tables with a length of three meters or more. All products are made to custom dimensions, from the wood species selected by the client. Despite our individual approach to each customer and the handcrafted nature of our furniture, we have fixed the prices for finished products below the level offered by European manufacturers. Having us manufacture a table or desk is more cost-efficient than ordering one from Europe.

Tables and desks can be manufactured entirely from solid wood or by combining wood with stainless steel. All-welded metal structures integrated with solid wood represent our brand identity and signature style. All models of large solid-wood tables and desks were designed by our own design bureau in a unique, simple and modern style. The large tables and desks by TRIF are perfect for dining and living rooms, office spaces and conference rooms.

The long tables from our OUTDOOR series can be used in the open air. In this furniture line-up, we use moisture-resistant wood species: teak, oak, larch. What makes them ideal for outdoor use is their properties, namely: moisture resistance, high durability, and rot resistance.

Solid-wood interior furniture for homes and office spaces can be manufactured from a wider range of wood species: walnut, beech, cherry, birch, and pine.

No matter which wood species you opt for, the finished product will boast of both a unique look and longevity, as all types of wood undergo a special preservation treatment. This makes our furniture capable of withstanding the impacts of weather and time.

The large solid-wood tables and desks by TRIF-MEBEL are an embodiment of luxury and European quality, individual approach to each client and reasonable prices!

Большие офисные столы из массива дерева TRIF-MEBEL

Большие обеденные столы outdoor из массива дерева TRIF-MEBEL

Большие столы для офиса из массива дерева TRIF-MEBEL на заказ

Большие обеденные столы из массива дерева TRIF-MEBEL

Большие столы из массива TRIF-MEBEL