We proudly present the new models of the TRIF OUTDOOR line-up: the sofa and armchair of the PLAZA series.

The PLAZA sofas and armchairs have acquired smoother and softer lines of the armrests. Such a design solution makes this furniture suitable for a variety of interior styles. The PLAZA series even fits with classical landscapes.

TRIF's manufacturing facilities and showroom are situated in St. Petersburg. The optimized production process and the shared location of all departments allow us to minimize the time between the order submission and the delivery of finished products to the customer.

You can select the solid wood type that suits your preferences: beech, teak, birch, cherry, larch, oak. If necessary, our employees will make the required measurements and calculations to ensure the furniture will fit perfectly into the allotted space.

For price calculations, contact us at info@trif-mebel.ru.