For the manufacturing of landscape furniture, TRIF-MEBEL specialists select the types of wood that are both beautiful and practical. The resulting furniture items turn out durable and wear-resistant. Besides, they look great in the landscape and can be installed both in private households and public areas.


Perhaps one of the most precious types of wood, known for its high durability. Other advantages of oakwood are:

  • moisture resistance;
  • high hardness;
  • visual attractiveness.

Oakwood is perfectly suited for many types of outdoor furniture – in particular, sun loungers for installation near pools in private households. The only downside is, high-quality oakwood is rather expensive.


The main advantage of this type of wood is its ease of processing and treatment. Besides, it is cheaper compared to many other types of wood. However, pinewood is not as durable as oak or teak. Furniture elements made of pinewood have a pleasant color and a light, unobtrusive resinous scent. The company's craftsmen often use pinewood to manufacture park benches – including quadrangular ones installed around tree trunks.


Larch wood boasts high density and is comparable to oakwood in this regard. Thanks to its resistance to fire, abrasion, and mechanical damage, this type of wood is ideal for manufacturing a broad variety of furniture – from benches to outdoor tables.


Outdoor dining tables and tabletops made of teakwood look particularly beautiful. This type of wood is resistant to moisture but needs regular teak oil treatment to support its beautiful natural aging and prevent warping. Teakwood isn't cheap, but the furniture will have excellent performance properties.


You can distinguish birchwood from other wood species by its characteristic golden hue, which it acquires after processing. This type of wood suits for manufacturing elements for garden and park benches, sun loungers, and other landscape furniture. The disadvantage of birch wood is its comparatively low resistance to moisture. However, this disadvantage is eliminated at the manufacturing stage: the material is thoroughly treated with water-repellent compounds.

When ordering landscape furniture from TRIF-MEBEL, you can select any desired type of wood. If you aren't sure what the optimal choice would be, the managers of our company will assist and consult you.