The company TRIF-MEBEL manufactures outdoor furniture with custom designs and dimensions. Our designers come up with projects for future products and work out their structure and design taking into account all modern trends and complying with ergonomics requirements.

The TRIF-MEBEL catalog offers several categories, including urban street furniture. These products are manufactured taking into consideration the special conditions of use, as well as the convenience and comfort requirements for public areas. The reinforced frames of our urban outdoor models allow for classifying the TRIF products as vandal-proof city furniture.

Stainless steel and hardwood species are the base materials of which the sofas and benches are made.

Available types of urban furniture

The TRIF-MEBEL catalog offers a broad selection of vandal-proof products for arranging comfortable public spaces:

If necessary, the urban outdoor furniture can be fitted with water-proofed LED lightsTRIF-MEBEL has developed a unique technology for protecting the LED elements from the adverse effects of moisture and the mechanical impacts of solid objects. The lighting in our urban outdoor furniture complies with the IP68 standard.

We are proud to present the following series:

  • SIRIUS – a series of durable urban street furniture with built-in LED lighting;

  • GALAXY – sets of garden and park furniture with LED lighting;

  • CITY – a collection of urban furniture with additional structural reinforcements.

Each series of urban furniture boasts of a unique style, which allows for arranging beautiful and conspicuous spaces.

Thanks to the reinforced all-welded frame and the protective side elements, the benches and sofas maintain their integrity and presentable appearance even in conditions of intensive use (at stations, airports, in parks).