TRIF-MEBEL employs a plethora of out-of-the-box design solutions in order to achieve the best performance characteristics of the manufactured products. One of our innovations is the use of thermal wood in furniture production.

This material is produced using a special technology of long-term pressurized steam treatment, upon which the wood ceases to absorb moisture from the external environment. Furniture made from thermal wood is non-toxic and safe. This material is resistant to the following types of adverse external impacts:

- Decay due to moisture and precipitation;

- Formation of mold and mildew;

- Drying and loss of shape resulting from temperature fluctuations.

Due to these properties, the material is ideal for the manufacture of urban, vandal-proof, and park furniture. The items boast of a refined, stylish look, while their quality and reliability are hardly inferior to analogs from stainless steel and other popular composite materials. Furniture from thermal wood is suitable for year-round outdoor use in both the southern and northern latitudes.

At TRIF-MEBEL, you can place an order for the development of an individual project involving tables, chairs, and sofas made from thermal wood, as well as lighting fixtures with bases from the same material. All products will be manufactured to custom dimensions, taking into account the overall style of the project. You can complement the landscape design with the TRIF thermal wood luminaires and other non-standard stainless steel structures. If necessary, you can employ the ready-made solutions from our exclusive catalog.