TRIF-MEBEL has finished a project for a private household in Leningrad Oblast. The client needed us to furnish the area near a small pond.

The main project tasks were:

- creating secluded spaces for relaxation;

- fitting urban furniture into the landscape of the suburban residence, taking into account the terrain and green spaces;

- developing a soft lighting scheme for the furniture items.

The final version of the project included two CITY sofas with moisture-protected LED lights and a landscape bollard from our TRIF-LIGHT subdivision. The supporting elements of the sofas are formed by a robust all-welded stainless steel frame. The seats and backs are made of solid oak. The furniture is spacious enough to accommodate 3 persons; the total length of the seats is 2.5 m.

The backlights were placed behind the metal supports. The built-in highlighting is not dazzling and imparts the sofas with a more airy feel.

The furniture items were positioned at a small distance from each other in shadowy spots. One of the sofas is complemented with a landscape bollard luminaire that provides additional lighting.

This TRIF-MEBEL project is an excellent example of a harmonious landscape solution for an out-of-town residence.