The urban infrastructure of metropolitan cities continues to transform, becoming more convenient and well-thought-out. Recently, more and more open-air coworking spaces have been emerging; more public gardens, parks, and other outdoor recreation areas are created. Along with this, new unusual furniture solutions come into use in the landscape design of such public areas and private households.

Retaining walls with seating
This solution allows you to protect the landscape from seasonal soil creeping caused by abundant moisture; it also serves as a zoning tool. If you fit the retaining wall with a flower bed, the structure will look more original and appealing than a conventional alpine rock garden.

Multifunctional hardscape structures with backlight
On city streets and in public areas, you can see a new generation of cityscape structures that both serve a decorative purpose and carry a functional load. You come across more and more backlit benches that allow for charging a smartphone, laptop, electric scooter, or wireless headphones. “Everlasting” art objects are created, with anti-vandal protection and a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Transforming hardscape structures
With a competent design approach, benches, sofas, and other outdoor furniture can solve a broad range of tasks, while saving usable space. Transforming hardscape structures are an example of such an approach. They are suitable for both sitting and lying. Such solutions make the surrounding space modern, stylish, ergonomic, and friendly.

Hanging swing
Long gone are the days when this element was exclusive to private territories and garden plots. However, it remains a great recreation spot favored by many people. In city parks and public gardens, a hanging swing or chair also comes in handy.

Multifunctional gazebos
These structures have made a good showing in landscape design, becoming an integral part of gardens, residential yards, and, of course, public areas. To ensure maximum convenience and save space, designers opt in favor of gazebos combined with an additional room, grill, barbecue. These structures also accommodate electrical connectors for charging gadgets; other utility lines may also run here to maintain the ergonomics of the space.