Nowadays, much attention is devoted to the improvement of public spaces. Commercial organizations and city authorities strive to create leisure and recreation areas that are both beautiful and comfortable. In this regard, when choosing furniture for public spaces, more and more preference is given to unconventional and bold solutions: sun loungers, swings, and hanging chairs. They have become a worthy alternative to traditional benches and outdoor sofas with a rigid frame.

In addition to swings, you can spot hanging chairs of various designs in the courtyards of modern residential complexes, on the terraces of restaurants and in various modern clusters. These include the popular bean bag chairs, cocoon chairs, and the growing number of other options the market is awash with. Unfortunately, so far Russia only sees hanging chairs on secured premises; no one takes the risk to install such removable structures in public, crowded parks.

Last but not least, sun loungers! Chairs of this type have been actively appearing in numerous clusters of Moscow and the Northern capital, Saint Petersburg. Double and single loungers, monolithic or with adjustable backrest, portable and stationary, as well as lounges designed for you to lean on while standing.

Adjusting to the current demand, furniture manufacturers offer an impressive range of fresh solutions for public spaces. In this regard, there has emerged a broad selection of various furniture items for comfortable leisure that combine innovation, style, and practicality. TRIF-MEBEL products can boast of all these properties.

Our company offers sun loungers with a vandal-proof frame for public leisure and recreation areas. We manufacture them from the highest-quality materials: durable wood, reliable and strong metal structures from stainless steel. The TRIF-MEBEL sun loungers are resistant to any weather conditions – snow, rain, dust – and require no additional maintenance and dismantling for winter. We produce our furniture according to custom sketches, which allows for applying the symbols of the city, district or recreation park in which it is installed. Additionally, it is possible to fit the street furniture with backlights, making it more stylish and comfortable for late evening use.