Ship furniture is the furniture designed for the decks of cruise ferries, ships, and liners.

Our company's specialization is manufacturing outdoor furniture – that is, furniture suitable for continuous use in the open air and capable of enduring the impacts of precipitation and acute temperature fluctuations. We test our sample furniture items under the scorching sun, under heavy rains, and even in winter when temperatures drop below 30 degrees Celsius and the furniture is covered with snow and glaze ice. We pay due attention to the processing and treatment of wood, which massively extends the product's service life, ruling out any darkening and rotting.

Ship furniture comes in two varieties: cabin (for indoor use) and deck (for outdoor use). The basic principles of manufacturing cabin furniture are its safety and the options to fix the furniture in place by firmly attaching it to the floor and/or walls. It is much more difficult to select furniture for the deck areas of a ship, such as the restaurant or the pool zone.

TRIF-MEBEL manufactures ultra-durable, weather-resistant furniture. We have designed several series of ship furniture. Due to the sturdy stainless steel frame and the special treatment of wood, our products can withstand and endure the salty splashes and the harsh weather conditions typical for open water areas. Our ship furniture range includes sofas, cabinets, armchairs, and tables of various sizes, as well as deck chairs designed specifically for the pool areas of cruise liners.