TRIF-MEBEL boasts of many years of experience in the sphere of furniture production. In addition to our own production line, we also have a design office focused on unique design projects.

If you are a participant in the federal project “Comfortable Urban Environment”, TRIF-MEBEL is ready to help you in creating a beautiful and ergonomic space. A comfortable urban environment requires a careful approach to every detail and an impeccable quality of all elements used.

Range of services

A modern comfortable urban environment involves an extensive number of various elements designed to improve public areas. This includes sofas and benches, streetscape structures, bicycle parking racks, and lighting fixtures. That’s why TRIF-MEBEL offers an integrated approach to the Comfortable Urban Environment project. According to the project-specific parameters, we will manufacture comfortable benches and sofas and arrange a lighting system. Custom-made fixtures and furniture can be installed in the territory of residential buildings, as well as children's, educational and medical institutions.

Advantages of working with TRIF-MEBEL

All of our urban environment items are based on vandal-proof frames, which makes them capable of withstanding intense loads and harsh conditions. LED lights and lighting fixtures are protected according to the IP68 standard. This ensures the safety of the modern comfortable urban environment for city residents.

The frames are made of stainless steel and valuable wood species (larch, oak, and others to choose from). Benches, streetscape elements, sofas, and luminaires are not affected by moisture, dust, small particles of sand. This provides an extra margin of safety.

Entrusting us with the implementation of the Comfortable Urban Environment project, you make a great investment in creating an ergonomic and stylish space.


comfortable urban environment


comfortable urban environment

comfortable urban environment