The solid wood office furniture can be manufactured according to a custom project, taking into account the customer's personal wishes and the necessary dimensions.

Only high-quality materials, reliable mechanisms and accessories are employed in the manufacture of TRIF.

The following wood species are used:

  • teak;

  • oak;

  • cherry;

  • hazelwood;

  • beechwood;

  • birch;

  • larch.

Supports, legs, and accessories are made of high-strength stainless steel. The glossy chrome finish balances out the deep wood texture, emphasizing the contemporary style.


TRIF Office series

Our solid wood office furniture series comprises the following interior items:

All solid wood office furniture complies with international quality standards. It is distinguished by a well-thought-out design and a minimalist, reserved style. Noble wood species will emphasize the respectable image of the company that chooses to arrange its office spaces with the use of TRIF furniture.