TRIF-MEBEL offers made-to-order garden furniture manufactured from metal and wood. We develop and produce premium products by our own, unique design. Our furniture is high-quality, comfortable and durable, featuring a reinforced stainless steel frame and a base made from natural wood.

Features and usage

We produce garden furniture of all dimensions from solid wood and metal.

The OUTDOOR series is suitable for amending both private gardens and public zones.

For parks, squares and playgrounds, we manufacture furniture of a special, vandal-proof design. It’s based on a durable all-welded metal frame with greater sectional dimensions.

The furniture can be fitted with built-in LED lights.


TRIF-MEBEL | антивандальная садово-парковая мебель


Садово-парковая мебель из металла и дерева от российского производителя


Садово-парковая мебель из металла и дерева