TRIF-MEBEL has developed two new series of street furniture for urban improvement – PARK and ALLEY.

Structurally, the furniture items of the PARK and ALLEY series are universal, which makes them suitable for the improvement of a variety of public places:

  • near children's playground;
  • in skate parks;
  • along walking paths;
  • in combination with other hardscape structures;
  • around lawns, flower beds, fountains, monuments.


Furniture of the new series can be installed not only in urban public spaces but also in the gardens of private households, at the customer's request.

The TRIF-MEBEL hardscape benches can withstand heavy use, due to which annual restoration is not required.

The vandal-proof frame is made of stainless steel. The seat and back are wooden; the material (oak, larch, pine, or birch) can be selected according to the designer's concept.

The urban improvement benches of the PARK and ALLEY series can be fitted with vandal-proof LED lights. They will accentuate the outdoor furniture in the evening and at night, instilling a special atmosphere. Additionally, the bench can be equipped with a USB charger, which will allow visitors to spend more time in their favorite park while staying connected.

Made-to-order furniture

All of our furniture models are made to order according to the dimensions required for the project. It's possible to customize them at the customer's request. For detailed information, contact us at