In the previous article, we explained the general modern trends in the arrangement of adjacent territories at modern residential complexes. Today we will take a closer look at the recent changes in the design of children's play areas. In the past, a courtyard of a residential complex would feature only standard playgrounds with metal structures that rarely were particularly convenient. Today, they are succeeded by multifunctional spaces designed not only for children's games but also for adults and their kids to have a fun time together.

Features of multifunctional spaces at residential complexes

Such a space is divided into zones based on children's age. For the youngest children, it envisages playgrounds with sandboxes, various simple equipment for games, children's swings, and all kinds of rockers. For older kids and adolescents, entire play complexes are built, fitted not only with sports equipment and implements of varying complexity, but also with exercise machines, hardscape structures for children's play, and complex architectural structures. The design factor is also important. Nowadays playgrounds are stylish elements; they no longer appear out of place and are often the main highlight in the overall courtyard design. Developers often use a coherent playground project in the shape of a large frigate, train, or truck, with multi-level tracks and labyrinths, slides and swings.

For teenagers, sports equipment and outdoor exercise machines are installed in the play areas. And if there is enough space – even roller rinks, bike trials, and skateboard grounds. Fenced sports areas – such as mini football, volleyball or tennis courts – stand separately.

Comfort and safety

Multifunctional children's play areas at modern residential complexes invariably feature rest zones. Regular benches give way to spacious hardscape structures that come in different geometric shapes. The rest spaces often combine several functions, fencing off a tree or a flower bed, or incorporating a bicycle rack.

Street lighting also plays an important role in the comfort and safety of the adjacent territory. In the middle and high latitudes, night falls early during late autumn, winter, and early spring, so these areas can't do without high-quality lighting. Just like street furniture, street luminaires are manufactured from durable and wear-resistant materials with enhanced resistance to mechanical damage. LEDs are usually selected as the light source, as they boast superb energy efficiency and long service life.

The TRIF-MEBEL group of companies utilizes a comprehensive approach to projects at residential complexes. We try to offer the customer modern solutions that will serve a long time in heavy-duty, street conditions of use. Residential complexes of the Business and Premium classes opt for models with built-in anti-vandal lights.

For the illumination of adjacent territories, we can offer a large selection of street lighting posts, ground luminaires, landscape bollards, and a variety of unconventional solutions – such as luminous curbs or railings.