When landscaping a territory, it's crucial to achieve a balance between the visual appeal and convenience of the surrounding space. Sometimes it's not easy to find a suitable solution due to the complexity of the landscape, limited free space, or a non-standard configuration of individual zones. In this case, special modern designs and ergonomic garden furniture come to the rescue.

The most efficient solutions in the field of landscape design include multi-level terraces, retaining walls, zoning with the help of paths and walkways. To understand what advantages this or that option holds, let's consider the features of each one in more detail.

Multi-level terraces

Roofed areas of this type are considered the most convenient and practical. A multi-level terrace looks appealing on sites with difficult terrain. It also strengthens the soil and allows for maximizing the usage of the available space. This solution can divide the territory into zones, making the overall landscape design as attractive and thought-out as possible.

Retaining walls

These structures are needed primarily to strengthen the soil. However, with a competent approach, the retaining wall can be more than just a beautiful decoration of the landscape featuring a flower bed – it can become the cornerstone of a recreation area. Landscape designers often integrate sofas, benches, and tables with retaining walls, making them work as a unit.

Zoning with paths and walkways

These elements allow designers to preserve the landscape's natural attractiveness, even if the terrain includes hills, streams, small backwaters. If the site is multi-level, stairs may be introduced as a way to transition between the zones. In this case, it is optimal to also include a ramp. This element is considered mandatory for comfortable public places. And at your summer cottage, it'll be indispensable for moving a trolley around. Ramps also provide for ample creativity. Designers use them to the best effect in different ways, connecting them with retaining walls and other landscaping elements.

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