TRIF-MEBEL offers made-to-order garden furniture manufactured from wood and metal. Our furniture is durable, comfortable, and functional. We produce premium-quality products using only natural wood and metal.


Product Range

TRIF-MEBEL offers the OUTDOOR series furniture of all types and dimensions designed for use in the open air. We manufacture a variety of outdoor and garden items, such as:

- sofas;

- deck chairs;

- dining and coffee tables;

- chairs and armchairs;

- regular and polygonal benches.

Our garden and terrace furniture can be equipped with LED lights, if the client wishes so. Powered either by the electrical network or a standalone battery, the lighting is highly efficient, vandal-proof, and protected against moisture. The furniture items with autonomous lighting are more mobile. You can install them at a distance from the house, avoiding the need to hide and conceal the cables.


Our Advantages:

- An individual approach: custom-made furniture of any dimensions and shapes;

- Affordable prices set by the manufacturer: no retail margins;

- A vast choice of solid wood: larch, birch, oak, walnut, teak;

- Premium quality;

- All furniture is handcrafted; the wooden elements are treated with preservatives;

- Discounts and bonuses for both regular and new clients;

- A short time of manufacture;

- Informational support at all stages of the partnership.


садовая мебель из дерева и металла TRIF-MEBEL