Like any other sphere, the construction of modern residential complexes has distinctive trends that inevitably change over time. In particular, this applies to the concepts of inner grounds of residential complexes and the amenities in their courtyards.

Inner grounds in the past and present

Previously, the adjacent territories of residential complexes were rather unsightly: one or two sandpits and rough metal play structures for children, horizontal bars for adults, and several rest benches. Many residential complexes had almost identical layouts of the adjacent territories. But today, developers strive to make each residential complex unique. Accordingly, the approach to the arrangement of adjoining territories is changing. The concepts of street lighting, furniture, and landscaping are given special attention.

What's in the courtyard of a modern residential complex?

The unsightly and inconvenient play structures have been replaced by new playgrounds – often quite complex, which makes them particularly exciting for children. Convenient pathways with nighttime illumination and recreation areas with stylish, comfortable street furniture are introduced. A fine example is the TRIF-MEBEL structurally complex benches characterized by the highest quality, reliability, and a unique design. Besides, courtyards of residential complexes tend to include special platforms designed for hosting various events – with stages and seats for spectators.

For bicycle owners, functional bike racks combined with benches are installed. An example is the CITY double-sided street bench by TRIF-MEBEL with one side designated for bicycle racks. Various hardscape structures are also common to come by in the adjoining territories. TRIF-MEBEL craftsmen manufacture such structures from top-quality wood and high-strength stainless steel. Refined design, convenience, and functionality are the main features of modern hardscape structures for residential complexes.

Elegant and thin garden luminaires; custom height variants to select from. Painted in any color according to the RAL chart.