This year, the complicated epidemiological situation has forced businesses to adapt to new working conditions. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are no exception. To avoid high occupancy in one room, all establishments with at least a few square meters of free space in the open air have put tables and chairs outside. This decision allowed them to continue working uninterruptedly in the conditions of severe quarantine measures. Moreover, it gave guests and residents of St. Petersburg a way to admire the beauty of the Northern capital of Russia over a cup of aromatic tea, coffee, and a delicious lunch.

Traditionally, summer terraces and small cozy tables on the street in front of a restaurant or cafe are in great demand among visitors. The so-called open verandas offer a romantic atmosphere. The guests can enjoy warm evenings and good weather, avoiding stuffy, noisy, and crowded halls. However, summer terraces of restaurants also have disadvantages that restaurant and cafe owners have to deal with:

  • the need to protect the furniture from damage by moisture and UV radiation;
  • the risk of defects due to careless handling by visitors;
  • the complexity of lighting decor and mounting in an open space.

Special requirements are imposed on the quality of furniture for the summer terraces of restaurants. Its design should be not only comfortable and stable. It is crucial to use materials capable of withstanding dampness, direct contact with water, UV radiation, suspended particles from polluted air, dust, and many other aggressive environmental influences. Realizing this, TRIF-MEBEL engineers and designers have created a series suitable for furnishing the summer terraces of restaurants. The PATIO and OUTDOOR collections include sofas, benches, tables, and chairs with an all-metal frame based on stainless steel. There are no joints between the backrest and seat slats, thanks to which the furniture dries quickly after rain. These elements are made from high-quality wood species that are durable and long-lasting: oak, teak, walnut, larch, birch.

TRIF-MEBEL exercises an individual approach to the fulfillment of each order. Our own design bureau and production facilities in St. Petersburg allow us to manufacture sofas, tables, chairs for open verandas of any size. The customer can choose the shape, materials, and the direction of laying of the backrest and seat slats.