TRIF-MEBEL produces hardscape elements and outdoor furniture for creating a harmonious and comfortable urban environment and arranging leisure and recreation areas on private premises. The furniture products are manufactured to individual orders. If you need to arrange beautiful and practical outdoor furniture ensembles in squares, parks, public and private areas, choose the appropriate model from our catalog and we will manufacture the hardscape elements according to your desired parameters.

TRIF-MEBEL products stand for impeccable quality in every detail

Hardscape structures and elements for the urban environment are manufactured based on unique drawings and projects developed by our engineers. When preparing sketches, they take into account modern design trends, as well as the plethora of ergonomics and comfort requirements.

The furniture products are based on natural wood of valuable species and a frame made of steel and other strong metal alloys. All elements are carefully treated to ensure protection against adverse external factors:

  • UV radiation;
  • temperature fluctuations;
  • high humidity;
  • mechanical impacts.

For the improvement of public and private areas, the outdoor furniture is fitted with LED backlights with the IP68 degree of dust and moisture protection. The lighting retains its intensity even in cold weather and under snow or ice.

Branding and application of logos

If you are planning to purchase furniture items for the improvement of corporate and commercial premises, we suggest complementing them with brand identity elements. These can be created through carving or laser engraving. In addition to logos, it is possible to use city or regional symbols, names of squares and parks if the outdoor furniture is intended for public improvement.