Our company has several subdivisions involved in the development and manufacture of furniture, luminaires, and metal structures. We are pleased to offer our clients comprehensive project solutions for arranging patios at private houses or open verandas at restaurants and cafes. As part of this work, all outdoor furniture, lighting items and other important elements (railings, terrace flooring) will feature the same style and employ the same materials – for example, identical solid wood. If necessary, the project can also involve contrasting color and texture solutions for the sake of achieving a unique design.

Solid wood outdoor furniture

In our catalogs, you will find a wide range of furniture items from the OUTDOOR and PATIO series. If necessary, we can modify and fine-tune the design according to the client's preferences. Aside from the various solid wood options, the base stainless steel frame can be either uncoated or with RAL powder coating. Depending on the project, furniture products can be modified and customized.

Landscape lighting

The TRIF-Light subdivision offers a broad selection of lighting fixtures for illuminating summer verandas and the territories of country houses. The product's body can be made from thermal wood, stainless steel, marine aluminum, brass or bronze. All luminaires comply with the IP68 moisture protection standard and are manufactured to custom parameters. We focus on the quality of our lighting equipment, striving to minimize the cost of further maintenance and replacement.

Metal structures

The same materials – solid wood and metal – can be used to manufacture fences, pillars, and railings. All structures are protected from the adverse effects of moisture and harsh weather conditions. By individual orders, luminous elements can be built into the products.