TRIF-MEBEL offers a unique, highest-quality garden and park furniture that constitutes is an important element of landscape design. As in any other area, the production and design of such furniture has tendencies and trends – they are being actively progressed, developed, and updated. One of the prevailing trends is the collaboration of landscape designers with manufacturers of outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures for outdoor installations.

What does collaboration mean?

In collaboration with each other, the designer and the manufacturer work together, but each party has its own special areas of focus. The designer elaborates the arrangement of outdoor furniture and luminaires, their combination with plants, pathways, flower beds, and other landscape design elements. On the other hand, the manufacturer focuses on the topical trends in outdoor furniture production and goes by the designer's recommendations, trying to offer items that are not only stylish but also reliable and durable. Thus, TRIF-MEBEL specialists employ only high-quality natural wood and stainless steel in the manufacture of furniture.

Collaboration goals

Close collaboration between designers and manufacturers allows for achieving the following goals:

  • all landscape elements are combined in the most harmonious way, regardless of the landscape design style;
  • the customer is offered stylish and sophisticated outdoor furniture and luminaires with a fresh, original design inclusive of the current trends;
  • the popularization of truly high-quality furniture that will serve for many years.

Our two subdivisions TRIF-MEBEL and TRIF-LIGHT manage to successfully combine two areas of focus: furniture and lighting. A striking example of this collaboration is the production of furniture with LED lighting.