Landscaping in private and public spaces typically has several goals. First of all, landscape design makes the area aesthetically pleasing and picturesque. Secondly, a well-designed layout with a variety of structures and architectural elements adds to the site's convenience and functionality.

The arsenal of a landscape designer includes a plethora of tools. Recently, professionals have shown a tendency towards including gazebos, pergolas, and arches in their projects. Such structures can become the focal point of the landscape or act as zoning elements, uniting the space and giving it a comprehensive appearance.

Arches, pergolas, and gazebos are closely intertwined with the landscape and furnished with garden and outdoor furniture. If you choose the right scenario of regular and decorative lighting, the structures will look visually pleasing at night as well. Designers employ them to create stylish, modern private territories, comfortable recreation zones, and coworking spaces in public areas. At TRIF-MEBEL, you can order both the said structures and the furniture for them, which will be manufactured using the highest-quality materials.

Arches and pergolas

It is generally accepted that the arches are used only as ceremonial decorations. But in fact, they are suitable for zoning any landscape. Depending on the selected configuration and the size of the arch, you can install a table or bench underneath it, arranging a visually pleasing seating area. When designers use several such structures, it produces green tunnels entwined with ornamental plants along pathways.

Just like arches, pergolas originally served as a support for climbing plants. However, in modern landscape design projects, these canopies composed of repeating sections often decorate seating areas. Designers use them to create vertical green walls or decorate entrance groups. A pergola helps to shift decorative accents in the landscape, disguise a building that stands out of the overall concept, and divide the space into separate zones.


This landscape design element often becomes the focal point of the overall composition. Gazebos serve as a comfortable space for rest or work in the out-of-doors, as they can shelter you from the scorching sun or rain. Designers often furnish gazebos with garden furniture, usually making them suitable for banquets. To maintain the overall style, it is better to order benches, tables, and gazebos from one and the same manufacturer.